Piemonte’s greatest White Wine

Starting out as a wine for court life, this wine has never disappointed its potential for elegance and quality. Guidelines circumscribe the production area to include approximately 1450 hectares, all within the 11 municipalities; striking a unique parallel with Barolo, the great red Piedmontese wine, of which Gavi is often thought to be its counterpart.

The area for the production of Gavi wine was delimited and in 2002 became the object of the first review conducted by the register of vineyards in Italy. In these vineyards only Cortese is grown.

The fallacy that Gavi wine is one to be enjoyed only when it is young has now been disproved by the facts: wine-tastings of Gavi of five, ten and more years show it to have kept perfectly and to have indeed gained from such a longer period of ageing.

That said however, there remain a host of Gavi wines whose freshness remains a point of excellence, together naturally, with a firm body and good balance. The Cortese vine is in fact quite adaptable to a variety of wines and productions; whether they be firm or sparkling, young or old, aged in steel or wood.

Grown in an area closest to the region of Liguria, Gavi enjoys a lovely sea breeze which mitigates the micro-climate of the area and influences the characteristics of the wine itself, affording citrus tones as well as the more typical scent of bitter almond which gives way, over time, to more mineral notes.