The Gavi DOCG wine-growing area

Leaving Milan behind you, and slipping onto any road heading south-west, crossing the Po Valley, one arrives in the province of Alessandria, where Liguria and Piedmont meet, where Gavi originates. A territory rich in history and tradition, where each and every pocket of hillside land is host to vineyards and flavours paying homage to its master: wine.

The hills slip into valleys and back again, the silhouette of the Apennines the backdrop to a breathtaking spectacle of natural beauty boasting a wealth of colours and all their hues.

The plain, the Apennines, the sea; Gavi is a frontier land and, as is typical of every border territory, in its history was a passage-way, witness to confrontations and encounters. Throughout it all, wine has always been an important factor.

The documented historiography confirms the ancient origins of the predisposition of the Gavi area; the first document testifying to such a history dates back to 3rd June 976AD and is housed in the State Archives in Genova. It recalls the transfer of vineyards and chestnuts woods on behalf of the Bishop of Genova to two farmers from Gavi in the locality of “Mariana” (probably the land that is now known as the “Meirana” today).