Do Liverpool fans want Torres


Do Liverpool fans want Torres back

Also, on a completely unrelated note, I noticed that your poll about the best Man United winger is showing 0% for all the players. No joke! Does that mean the answer is of them See attached I promise I did not make it in Photoshop!The other midfield places went to wingers makes sense if you’re picking the best player for each position rather than the best 4 overall midfielders.Hope this clears up your concerns/questionsIt is probably true that if Ozil played for Leicester or Tottenham he would be in the, oh so important, PFA bestest team ever of this year. If this was the case he would have broken the records you mention already as he would be part of a good team that is challenging for the title. Like Payet he might be included if he was single handedly dragging a mediocre team to great heights.He not though. He playing well in a team that have for 4th place again. Maybe next year will be his year?Ruben (growing the wings of a sparrow) THFCWith the announcement of the PFA team of the year, the question has to be asked “Is Mesut Ozil underrated?”I’m not really sure what he has to do to get recognition in England. From what I can tell, there are three main criticisms aimed at Ozil.Assist don’t matter/They can mean anythingThe argument is that it could be a simple pass and the scorer did all the work. True. But then how come its always the same guy giving that final ball to create the chance?He doesn’t dominate games enoughThe above is simply not true. He’s got the highest assist rate in the league with 18, substantially higher than second place Eriksen on 12 and double that of PFA team of the year player, Payet. In fact, if we look at a comparison between Ozil, Ali, Payet and Mahrez for chances created, successful passes, key passes, assists and goals, the only category that he doesn’t come in first for is goals which he makes up for in creating for everyone else. Nor does the argument that he’s dropped in form since New Years hold any water. He’s created 51 chances since then, cheap jerseys Arsenal’s rubbish strikers have just got worse in that period.If the above isn’t enough to convince you that he dominates opposition, as an example, ask a Bournemouth fan how they felt on Boxing Day.He doesn’t turn up for big gamesAgain, just not true. This year he has scored or assisted in each of the matches against the current top 6 as well as Bayern Munich. It’s a lazy argument levelled at big name players by fans looking to to undermine the fee paid. Fact is, Ozil loves the big games.All the above leads me to think that either people simply don’t watch Ozil play and jump on the bandwagon with lazy assessments or they just don’t like Ze Germans.Aryeh (Hoping Ozil Doesn’t Leave Us), AFC, Tel AvivWhat I am about to say is not the case for all Arsenal fans, clearly, nor is it based on anything other than my own observations, but some Arsenal tickets are too cheap. Hear me out.I a (long) exiled Mancunian living down South and I know lots of Arsenal fans. For some of them, not all by any stretch of the imagination but for a decent number, the tickets are cheap enough in comparison to what they earn so that missing a game is not really a problem. Spending money on a season ticket to only watch maybe 12 or so of the bigger games West Brom on a Thursday not being one of them isn an issue. I am sure if you speak with some Arsenal fans they will tell you that there are plenty of City types and wealthy fans for whom the tickets are not too expensive. In some ways, for these people, tickets are not expensive enough to make it feel painful to miss a game so they pick and choose.I know Arsenal are one of the better clubs when it comes to trying to find ways of fans getting hold of season tickets that are not being used via their ticket exchange, but that is only applicable to games that are sold out not sure it would have helped against West Brom. Anyway, I don know this for sure, it is not a particularly nice way of looking at things and I don really have an answer, but I am confident that for a fair few Arsenal fans I right. Be interesting to hear what Arsenal fans think?Interesting mail from Steve Paget, Cork in this morning mailbox. Somewhere in there is a valid point but I feel like he gone a bit over the top with it, especially with his views on Watford. I reasonably confident that Steve isn a Watford fan and hasn seen too much of them this season, so he seen the headlines 7 changes, no Deeney or Ighalo and assumed Watford fielded 10 amateurs and Heurelho Gomes.I a Watford fan, and this email has prompted me not only to reply in relation to Wednesday game but also to try and sum up the last few months. Firstly, the line up on Wednesday wasn as weak as some would have you believe, and was actually quite close to what many Watford fans have been wanting to see recently. It difficult to pick Watford first choice XI at the moment because Flores has chopped and changed so much since Christmas, but obviously Gomes is first choice, and the same goes for Cathcart, while Prodl and Holebas at least started the season as first choice too. Holebas is almost certainly second choice behind Ake now but he still a Greek international and former Roma player. He no mug. Meanwhile most Watford fans would still rather see Prodl than Britos alongside Cathcart. Midfield is especially difficult to name the first choice from the reserves, but Abdi, Jurado, Guedioura, Behrami and Suarez have 28, 23, 15, 21 and 11 league appearances respectively this season. Suarez was only signed in January and has featured in every game since.I guess up front is where the headline news was, with Deeney and Ighalo both being left out. Deeney was clearly being rested, and was brought on when we were chasing the game. Ighalo, on the other hand, just hasn been very good since the turn of the year, and it was about time he was taken out of the squad. Maybe he fatigued and needed the day off, but it been quite the drop in form for a player who was the highest scorer in England top four divisions for the calendar year in 2015. He only scored one league goal in 2016.